Our Commitment to Quality

Quality Improvement is at the core of Kristus Darzs care model.

While mandatory programs of falls, wounds, pain and continence management remain at the forefront of our priorities, quality initiatives also extend into other areas of the home. The Board Quality Committee provides an oversight and accountability to quality improvement efforts in the Home.

Our Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey provides a platform for our residents to share what life is like at Kristus Darzs.

The Survey results serve as a conversation starter to gain a better understanding of our resident lived experiences. Follow-up discussions with residents guide the focus for our formal Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) which we submit to the Ministry of Health on an annual basis. The QIP provides structure and helps to prioritize the various quality improvement initiatives the Home is pursuing. Residents participate in designing our improvement ideas and provide feedback on their effectiveness.

In addition to seeking resident input, we also consider feedback from Resident Quality Inspections (RQI) and The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) indicators. We consult our team members, management and the Board Quality Committee. Staff engagement and participation in quality improvement initiatives enable the continued work of individual committees and drive improved health outcomes for our residents.

In 2018, the Home took part in the IDEAS Advanced Learning Program. IDEAS, which stands for Improving & Driving Excellence Across Sectors, provides quality improvement training to Ontario’s healthcare professionals. An interdisciplinary team, consisting of Director of Care, Registered Nurse, Activation Aide and Quality Lead, with the Executive Director as their sponsor, enrolled into the program. The team focused on improving Infection Prevention and Control Practices in the Home.

The project aimed to decrease the number of residents with respiratory and enteric symptoms. By engaging front line staff, the team identified the critical points in the workflow as they relate to the spread of infection. The team initiated two change ideas which proved to be effective and brought the desired results. Learnings and protocols from the IDEAS project continue to be practiced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the quality improvement initiatives focus on staff work life. Team members of all departments participated in discussions to understand what respect meant to them in their workplace. Staff openness and enthusiasm demonstrated their dedication to positive organizational change. From these discussions, the Respect Tree was created: a colourful poster of a tree embedded with statements of how colleagues should interact. The Home has incorporated the Respect Tree into all streams of life (conflict resolution, team huddles, etc.). It serves to remind us of our commitment to one another and to an inclusive and respectful environment for all.