Recreational Programs

Our Recreational Programs are developed to keep residents stimulated, support their interests and encourage socialization.  

Programs are introduced as new interests and needs are identified. The monthly programs calendar can be accessed here.

To ensure residents remain independent for as long as possible, they are encouraged to take part in regular stretching, cardio, resistance and balance exercises. The beautiful gardens and indoor atrium provide perfect walking tracks. Physiotherapy is offered for residents who benefit from the treatment and meet eligibility requirements. 

Activities are planned for small and large groups or to provide individual attention.  Activities aim to promote interactive socialization and engage residents within a physical and sensory stimulating environment.

The Small Pleasures program includes a hand spa hour where residents can enjoy a hand massage or get a manicure. For a fee, hair dressing, foot care and massage are also available.

Happy Hour on Friday afternoons is an opportunity for the Gourmet Club to make a special snack for an hour of jokes and story telling. Movie nights, news hour from Latvia, book club, bingo or Trivia Pursuit are opportunities to challenge the mind. Music is integral to the Latvian soul and culture. Singing familiar folk songs or playing the tambourine put a smile on the participants and onlookers’ faces.

Using Kristus Darzs transportation, scheduled outings provide residents opportunities to travel outside the Home, such as to local shopping areas, the Latvian Cultural Centre, local attractions, or to enjoy the beautiful surrounding areas.

In honour of the Latvian Summer Solstice celebration (Jani), which always involves beer and homemade cheese, residents visit a local brewery to get in the mood.

Special events with family take place throughout the year to celebrate special events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthdays or simply life. Guests of all ages and from all corners of the world bring music, dance and theatre to our residents.

Birthdays are celebrated monthly. 100 year celebrations always get honoured individually.

In addition to the regular meals, the Programs Department works closely with the Dietary Department to provide opportunities for special cravings. For example, a resident once shared that he missed lobster, and another missed rotisserie chicken. An ad hoc, small group program was developed for special meals – a lobster boil, or a restaurant take out.

During the summer a monthly BBQ is offered for those that wish to participate. Several times a week, residents are offered seasonal fresh fruit with a variety of refreshment options while listening to music or watching a movie.

Many activities are designed to meet spiritual and emotional needs. A volunteer certified psychotherapist facilitates small group sessions several times a month. Pastoral care is provided by community pastors. Residents and families are encouraged to work with staff to help identify personal needs that are not addressed by regular programming