Room Types


The basic room has 2 beds in the room and a shared bathroom. Ministry regulations require that 60 % of the beds be made available at the basic rate, therefore a portion of the semi-private rooms are available for the basic rate. Should there be a need for a semi-private room the Home reserves the right to move a basic paying resident in a semi-private room to a basic room.

Anyone paying the basic rate has the right to apply for a rate reduction. The application must be completed annually and supported by the most current Notice of Assessment. The reduced rate becomes effective only after the application is submitted and approved by the Ministry of Health. Any resident paying the preferred rate (semi or private) must do so for at least 3 years and any request for a change in rate must be supported by banking information to indicate financial hardship and subject to basic room availability.

Basic room:


A semi-private room is a room with a single bed and a shared washroom.

Any resident admitted to a semi-private room is required to pay the rate for a minimum of 3 years. If there is financial hardship the resident can request for a rate change supporting current banking information to verify the claim. The change in accommodation category is subject to the availability of basic accommodation. Anyone in a semi-private or private room paying a basic rate can be transferred to a basic room should there be a need for the preferred accommodation. .

Semi-private room:


A private room is a room with a single bed and a private washroom either en suite or just outside of the room. There are 11 such rooms in the building and 7 are the first floor which is home for the residents requiring most care. 

There is an internal wait list for private accommodation. Bed offers alternate between the internal waitlist and the external waitlist.

Private room: