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We are seeking interested candidates to join the Kristus Darzs Latvian Home Board of Directors.  While serving on the board is a rewarding experience and an opportunity for personal and professional growth, more importantly, it plays an integral role in supporting the residents we serve, as well as the caregivers and the staff who provide care and support to each of them. 
The Board Development Committee on behalf of the Kristus Darzs Latvian Home Board of Directors, thanks you for your consideration and interest.

Please complete the form below or download the application here.

If you download and print the application, you can return the completed application to the Kristus Darzs Latvian Home, Attn: Karina Kirss, Board Chair 11290 Pine Valley Drive, Woodbridge ON L3L 0B1 or by email to This application will be kept confidential and on file at the Kristus Darzs Latvian Home.

Applications are used by the Board’s Development Committee to identify and evaluate potential board candidates. All new directors are elected by a majority vote at the annual general meeting. If vacancies are not filled at the AGM, the board can appoint directors, as necessary, throughout the board year to fill the remaining vacancies.

Board Member High-level Responsibilities

  1. Serves a minimum of one (1) three-year term on the Board. Eligible to serve two (2) three-year terms if re-elected.
  2. Attend monthly Board of Directors meetings and additional other related committee meetings (monthly) you are a member of. (e.g. Quality of Care, Rebuild, Fundraising, Building and Property Committees)
    • The Full Board of Directors meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  3. Makes a serious commitment to participate actively in committee work.
  4. Stays informed about committee matters, is prepared for meetings, and reviews and comments on minutes and reports.
  5. Builds a collegial working relationship with other committee members that contributes to consensus.
  6. Participates in the committee’s annual evaluation and planning efforts.

Application Form


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Members stay connected to the KDLH through meeting attendance, committee work, membership events, e-mail and other KDLH Board communications. Do you have the time and resources to be an active Member of the KDLH Board?*
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