Nutritional Services

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

As older adults enter Long Term Care, their worlds often become smaller, especially for those seniors suffering from dementia. As a result, food and mealtimes become an important component of daily activities. In addition to providing nourishment to the body, food also excites one’s senses, brings back pleasant memories and often serves as a vehicle for social connections.  At Kristus Darzs we recognize the essential role food plays in enhancing the quality of life of residents. 

Our residents participate in designing of their menu.

As the Dietary Manager proposes a new menu each winter and summer seasons, she seeks input from the Resident Food Committee. The Committee reviews the menu, suggests changes, proposes new and exciting dishes. At Kistus Darzs we offer a European inspired balanced menu with plenty of flavourful fish and pork dishes. Sauerkraut, a resident favorite, is prepared in-house and offered several times a week. In fact, most dishes are made from scratch by our cooks including our flavourful soups such as beet borscht, spinach, potato, cabbage and pork, to name a few.

The Registered Dietician (RD) monitors residents’ nutritional status to prevent malnutrition, dehydration, or unintended weight loss. The RD also plays a key role in maintaining healthy skin for our residents. When needed, Speech Pathologist conducts swallowing assessments.

Outside of scheduled meal and snack times, residents enjoy special treats during various recreational programs and special events. Often residents themselves get to prepare tasty appetizers or bake Latvian traditional pastries.  These activities provide an opportunity to connect, reminisce and create a home-like atmosphere. At Kristus Darzs food both nourishes the body and feeds the soul.